Moteur Brushless Mosfet pour AEG



Moteur Brushless Mosfet Axe Long pour AEG.

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- Brushless HighTech Motor 
- 15-20% faster than conventional brush motors 
- Integrated Mosfet 
- 30-40% faster response to normal motors 
- Quickly pulls stronger springs, without TorqueUp Gears 
- Consumes 10 - 14% less electricity than conventional motors with the same spring strength 
- Integrated battery monitoring for LiPos (programmable) 
- Programmable burst mode (2-5 shot) (only for models with FullAuto mode) 
- Burst / Full Auto Delay programmable (only for models with FullAuto Mode) 
- Integrated temperature monitoring 
- Acoustic playback in case of errors 
- In order to avoid severe damage to the internals, the motor switches off automatically as soon as the resistance becomes too low or too high. 
- Current battery voltage is displayed (programming box) 
- Very silent and low temperature development 
- Suitable for all common Airsoft weapons with a long-type motor 
- Programming cable may be added e.g. into the buffer chamber (motor plate may have to be slightly reworked) 
- Programming box included in delivery 
- Attention: soldering is required for installation! 
- Dimensions: 24x28mm, suitable for all normal pistol grips.